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Dear guests!

We would like to invite you to Artybash guest house that is situated 50 meters away from Teletzkoe Lake - the Altai pearl.

Teletzkoe lake is one of the 25 deepest lakes in the world. This lake attracts thousands of tourists towards itself like a magnet with its outstanding beauty, mystery and enigma. It is called a younger brother of Baikal. There are about 80 mountain rivers and creeks flow into the lake and the Byia River is the only one that flows out.

Surrounded by age-old pine-trees, Artybash guest house is nicely situated on a quiet Byia riverbank. The Guest house can boast of gorgeous views on the Byia riverhead and magnificent mountains. There are guest house building, barbecue arbors that suits 30 persons, picnic grounds, Russian banya with the river on the well-groomed territory. Numerous touristic routes run around Teletzkoe lake.  These are horseback riding tours, motorboat trips, winter and summer fishing tours, hunting.  One can find a lot of winter outdoor activities like snowmobile rides, freeride, sledding, and sleighing.


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