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Tridevyatoye Tsarstvo (Faraway Kingdom) restaurant

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel.

It is opened 24 hours.

Cash and cards are accepted

The capacity is 45 persons.

The interior design is fulfilled in the national Russian style. The dining room is divided into three zones: boyar, robbers’ retreat, travelling.

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Basic menu

Our menu is worked out for connoisseurs of the traditional Russian cuisine. We can offer the variety of dishes and our menu includes pork, beef, lamb, game, chicken, poultry, rabbit, fish, pancakes with different filling, pastry, home-style bread and cakes. For afters you can indulge yourself with tempura fried ice cream, fruit shish kebab topped with fruit syrup.

House specialty

  • Kundum is an old Russian dish. It looks like pelmeni but made with mushroom or meat filling. Served with Domashni (Home-made) gravy.
  • Murtzovkais a traditional Russian cold soup. It was invented in 18th century by talented Russian weapon-smiths of Tula armory (The Tulsky oruzheiny zavod). This is a holiday dish based on a mildly alcoholic beverage mixed with minced boiled meat and vegetables served with a dressing that is made according to your wish (It might contain sour-cream, mustard, horse radish, seasonings, herbs). Special offer: order 4 or more serves of Murtzovka and get a gift from the chief cook – a bottle of Kedrovitza vodka, fresh pastry and kholodetz.
  • Bogatyr meal – unusual dish arranging will take you to middle ages. Meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken) is served at a sword’s blade with vegetables, French fries and special dressing on the side. This fine dish goes with a bottle of red wine.

Lenten menu

The Russian cuisine is famous for its tasty and healthy lenten dishes. Lenten menu consists of old Russian recipes and is available for you to enjoy all year around.

Children’s menu

The menu has fairytale dishes such as “Squirrel treat”, “Emelya’s dreams”, “Kolobok”, “Naf-naf” and many other dishes that children are sure to love.