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Cocktail lounge

Our wine list includes drinks from different regions. Rum, whisky, cognac, gin tequila, liquors, sparkling wines and champagne, various cocktails to suit all tastes of our clients.

The wine list contains wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chilly, Australia, and Argentina. There you can also find Cuba rum and Irish whisky, cognac, gin and tequila, sparkling wines and champagne, various cocktails.

Specialty drinks

  • Medovukha was first dished up by our ancestors in the depth of unrecorded time. The history of this drink is rich. As the honey is one of the main recipe ingredients and has healing property the drink is believed to be unique and healthy.
  • Khrenovukha-Khrenovukha – a strong alcoholic drink with horseradish root. The beverage strengths moral courage and brightens mind. In Russia Khrenovukha was known since the ancient times. Once Peter the Great has decreed that every inn should have certain amount of Khrenovukha especially for those engaged in outdoor toil at cold times.

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