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Restaurant and Cocktail lounge

   Tridevyatoye Tsarstvo (Faraway Kingdom) restaurant

The interior design is fulfilled in the national Russian style. The dining room is divided into three zones: boyar, robbers’ retreat, travelling.


Buffet service

Buffet service is on the second floor. The menu is supplemented with the wide range of meat and fish hors d'oeuvres, salad bar, cold and hot appetizers, fresh fruits and vegetables, pastry and beverages.


Cocktail lounge

Our wine list includes drinks from different regions. Rum, whisky, cognac, gin tequila, liquors, sparkling wines and champagne, various cocktails to suit all tastes of our clients. The wine list contains wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chilly, Australia, and Argentina. There you can also find Cuba rum and Irish whisky, cognac, gin and tequila, sparkling wines and champagne, various cocktails.



This accommodation is available for our guests. You can order to bring food to your room as well as to banya or sauna. The charge is 10% of the total bill sum.