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The bathing complex

The bathing house complex consists of Russian bath, sauna, Turkish hamam, a cold cave with snow, small pools with cold water (two children’s pool with a fountain and an adults’ pool), Jacuzzi tub, three impression showers: waterfall, storm and tropical rainfall and the rest area with the room-service available.

Besides the water park there is also the bathing complex in the aquatic center.

Sauna and banya health benefits: it improves cold tolerance of organism, stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates fat metabolism and revitalizes the whole organism. It is strongly recommended for those engaged in sedentary work as banya can make up for the shortage of motion, increases indices of endurance, strength and improves coordination.


Bathing complex consists of:

  • Russian banya. Temp. 55-60°, humidity – 65-80%
  • Finish sauna.Temp 90-100 °, humidity about 15%
  • Turkish hamam
  • Cold cave with snowTemp. -16 °
  • Small pools with cool water (two children’s pools and one for adults);
  • Jacuzzi tub suits 4 persons. It has several hydromassage modes that stimulate blood circulation, helps to get rid of toxins and wastes, speeds up metabolism, fights fat deposits, and tones up;
  • Three impression showers: : : waterfall, storm and tropical rainfall. Its options allow to set up water flows speed and temperature that are accompanied by light, sound and aroma effects.
  • Tropical shower gives warming and relaxing effect. This option would be great after physical activity and swimming in a pool as it restores muscles;
  • Storm option is strong and contrast shower and basically designed to cool down after banya or sauna. It tones up, distresses and stimulates the blood circulation;
  • Waterfallwith refreshing or relaxing effect is recommended after swimming in the pool as it tones up, distresses and gives benefits to nervous system;
  • Rest area with room service. You can order from the restaurant menu. A waiter could be called up via intercom facility.
  • Gear rent and a related goods store

Operating hours:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 14:00-23:00,

Saturday, Sunday   12:00-23:00,

Monday, Tuesday  – day off.

Children under 5 years old are free of charge, from 5 up to 12 years old pay reduced charge.

Children under 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult.