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It is just impossible to go for vacations to Belokurikha and miss the chance to touch the beauty of its Nature. We offer a wide choice of exciting tours. You can choose the most interesting for you by means of a touch-screen monitor in the foyer. There are tours descriptions and photos. Our receptionist would be pleased to help you with tour arrangements.

Hiking excursions
Automobile excursions around Belokurikha surroundings
Bus excursions to the Altai Mountains

Travel advisory

1) In order to feel comfortable during the tour it is recommended to have a proper footwear and sportswear to walk along forests and mountains.

2) There could be slight changes in an excursion program due to weather conditions and for reasons beyond the control of a tour operator.

3) The boarding time is 10 minutes before departure time. It is very important not to be late as there is no money refund in this case.

4) Accident insurance is included in the excursion price.

5) Tourists that take regular medication should bring enough drugs for all the trip and should also inform about it the guide. Some routes are not recommended for travellers under medical supervision.

6) It is desirable to get tick-borne encephalitis vaccination in advance or to get Encephalitis insurance notwithstanding the fact there was no cases of infection during the resent years in the Altai region. To prevent from tick bites it is recommended when walking in the woods to wear tight one-color clothes, to halt at dry forest openings and regularly to examine your clothes and body for ticks and use anti-tick repellents. In case of a tick bite do not try to remove it yourself but immediately call for your tour guide help or medical assistance.

7) According to the Passenger Transportations Regulations it is prohibited to bring on board pets, bulk items, inflammable and hazardous substances, drugs. There is no alcohol consumption or no smoking on the bus. Passengers that are under the influence of alcohol are not permitted to ride in the bus. In case of disrespect for the Regulations an attendant may ask you to get off at the nearest police station. No refund in this case.

8) The company declines all responsibility for safety of personal possessions. Complaints about loss or damage are made on-site to a carrier’s representative (a driver).

9) Follow the Tourist code of ethics, be polite towards those around you.

10) Follow the rules of personal safety and precautionary measures.

11) Be deferential to cultural treasures and traditions of the local community.