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Health resort treatment

Health resort treatment is a good combination of medical cure and climatic and natural characteristics of Belokurikha. If you choose Belokurikha for you vacation you would restore your physical and mental condition within the short period of time.

It is hardly possible to break away from business and turn you mobile off so that you can recuperate. So if you really care about your heart and emotional condition, you should escape from the whole world.

Healthy climate, beautiful nature together with a unique springs and experienced doctors would take away all your stress and illness in Belovodie.

The Altai health resort treatment is based on complex approach that includes natural and climatic factors, balneology, nutrition, physiotherapy.
Our hotel is the best place for you to acquire new strength, to improve your health and to enjoy the tranquility of the woods and the fresh mountain air breathing.

We are glad to offer you treatment packages for 14, 18 and 21 nights with accommodation and board included.

The packages include:

  • Accommodation in various rooms.
  • Full board of buffet type.
  • Medical services .
  • Children accommodation under 5 years old is free if no additional bed and medical services are needed.
  • Diseases treatment:
    Cardiovascular diseases;
    Nervous system;
    Metabolic disorders ; 
    Musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases;
    Skin diseases and subcutaneous fat;
    respiratory system disorders.
  • Specialized doctors’ consultation :
    Therapist ; 
    Neurologist ; 
    Skin specialist ; 
    Leech therapist;
    Recreation therapist;
  • Medical procedures:
    Bath with velvet antlers extract; 
    Mineral bath; 
    SPA-bath with Dead sea salts;
    Hydro massage tub; 
    Pearl bath; 
    Swimming pool, sauna, Turkish hamam, Russian banya; 
    Phyto barrel; 
    Impression showers; 
    Mineral water drinking; 
    Spinal traction ; 
    Exercises room; 
    Climatic treatment; 
    Physical therapy; 
    SPA capsule ; 
    Inhalation therapy; 
    Mud cure; 
    Manual massage; 
    Phyto therapy; 

Medical procedures may vary within the treatment price depending on primary disease and intercurrent disease as well as indications and contraindications.