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Health improvement programs

       We offer health-promoting programs for 3, 5, 7 and 10 days. All procedures are prescribed by an experienced doctor during the consultation. Your treatment regimen is worked out depending on your contradictions.

Health-promoting spa packages are designed for rapid and effective rejuvenation so your body and mind would become ready for new achievements in your career and life. We offer all treatments included in these programs with a 10% less price comparing to the same in the price list of our Medical center.

Women packages:

«Aphrodite» (3-10 days) — this treatment will make you feel an admired woman full of energy. During the procedure you will be pampered with fragrant Dead Sea salts and genuine chocolate. And as life would shine with new splendor, you would love to fall in love. The treatment includes gentle elimination and relaxation techniques that tune the body, increase working capacity and libido.

«Gynecology disorders». (5-10 days) – the program recommended to women who suffer from gynecological problems. It is used as adjuvant care to treatment of chronic menstrual irregularities, oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, infertility, and orgasm difficulties. The program is aimed at improving blood flow in pelvic organs, and achieving normotopia. After the cure, the effectiveness of main therapy increases manifold and often it becomes unnecessary to undergo treatment during a few years. In particular the procedures assist in relieving the back pain, headache, and frequent cold-related diseases. All you have to bring along is your doctor’s prescription.

«Slim silhouette». Do you know any woman that does not want to keep her figure slender and attractive for men? The program includes 5, 7 or 10 days treatment and is aimed at helping you achieve such results. Even a few days of our specialists’ care would contribute much in your struggle with cellulite. The treatment consists of modern techniques for skin cleansing, muscles toning that activate process diminishing the cellulite nodules. All procedures are prescribed by an experienced Beauty doctor during the consultation. Your treatment regimen is worked out depending on your contradictions.

Men packages:

«Apollo». (3-10 days) – the program is basically aimed at stimulating the human body that has been overloaded with stress and achieving a balance between emotional and physical wellness, exploring the hidden resources that would help a man in his self-actualizing. The treatment includes gentle elimination and relaxation techniques that tune up the body, increase working capacity and libido.

«Super Panto». (the treatment with antler velvet extract for 3-10 days). The program is basically aimed at toning the body, muscle and joints pain prevention and treatment, increasing a man’s libido. The program includes powerful treatment methods based on modern antler velvet products that are clinically proven.

Unisex packages:

«Light breathing». (3-10 days). The treatment is basically aimed at regulating bronchial tonus and starting the bronchi self-regulatory mechanisms, and eliminating lungs. It is indication for bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis (including its occupational types), and pneumonia. The program includes therapeutic procedures that improve the work of respiratory system and warm the respiratory organs as well.

«The royal poise».(3-10 days). The program is basically aimed at getting rid of discomfort and cramps in the back and in the neck. It is obvious fact that 90% of the people suffer from pains in the back. In more than half of the cases such discomfort is accompanied with incorrect poise or even with scoliosis. Although it is not fatal, but your life quality leaves much to be desired and it would get worse every year. So, let’s try to solve the problem! The main indications are spondylosis, degenerative spine disease in any stage, post-traumatic neck and back disorders, protrusions and spinal disc hernias, chronic headaches and back pains.

«Relax-Anti-stress-Peace». Stress is the curse of modern life. This endless rush for money, career and constant problems solutions (you can continue your own list of cares) someday will cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Your body begins to disobey and you feel like you need some rest. It sounds strange but humans have completely forgotten how to relax in their life race.

We see our task in teaching you to calm down. We will relax your muscles, sooth your nervous system and regulate them. This is what the program “Relax-Anti-stress-Peace” is worked out for. The duration is 3 or 10 days. The treatment includes procedures that bring more joy to your body and your mind, relax them and regulate your responses to outer destructive factors.

«Pure blood vessels». (3-10 days) – The program is aimed at toning the blood vessels and starting its self-regulation mechanism. The main indications are vegetovascular dystonia, arterial hypotension and arterial hypertension. The treatment includes techniques that train and eliminate the blood vessels, hypoxic-hypercapnicui training, and a therapist consultation.

«General health improvement program». You just cannot ignore trying our health improvement program while visiting Belokurikha. This is what the resort is famous for. We have worked out General health improvement program for 3 or 10 days that includes baths at your option, hydro massage, classical massage, physiotherapy, speleotherapy and cedar steam barrel.