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Cosmetology department

Cosmetology department consists of 4 parlours:

  • Spa capsule parlour (dry sauna with maximum temperature 82°C, ergonomically designed bed with heating and vibro massage, aromatherapy and music therapy, ionized face blow, body peeling, chocolate, gold and algae body wraps, chocolate-and-chilli pepper wraps );
  • Body shaping machines (vacuum roll massage, pressure therapy, ultrasound therapy);
  • Cosmetology parlour (face, neck and décolleté treatment). It is fitted out with modern cosmetology equipment for skin diagnosis, brushing, iontophoresis, D'arsonval, vaporization); We use skin care products of leading brands such as French cosmetic manufacturer Academie and Israel Kristina;
  •  Vertical turbo tanning unit with mirror floor and high-quality ventilation provides even tan and comfortable feeling.