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Health and beauty

Our medical center is a licensed medical establishment that conducts health-promoting and treatment procedures. Here you can get medical advice from qualified doctors such as therapist, neurologist, skin specialist, orthopedist, hirudo therapist, and chiropractor.

The medical center has:

  • Cosmetology department;
  • Balneology department;
  • SPA massage parlour;
  • Dermatologist parlour ;
  • Salt cave (speleotherapy);
  • Manual therapist;
  • A weight room.

Cosmetology department features:

  • Spa capsule parlour (dry sauna with maximum temperature 82°C, ergonomically designed bed with heating and vibro-massage, aromatherapy and music therapy, ionized face blow, body peeling, chocolate and algae body wraps);
  • Body shaping machines (vacuum roll massage, pressure therapy, ultrasound therapy);
  • Cosmetology parlour (face, neck and décolleté treatment). It is fitted out with modern cosmetology equipment for skin diagnosis, brushing, iontophoresis, D'arsonval, and vaporization);

We use skin care products of leading brands such as French Academie and Israel Renew.

  • Vertical turbo tanning unit with mirror floor and high-quality ventilation provides even tan and comfortable feeling.

SPA massage parlour welcomes you to enjoy such SPA programs as:

  • Body-lifting program with coconuts;
  • Bust-lift program;
  • Stone massage with “stones” made of Vakapu tree. Along with wrapping procedure It helps to detox and get the body in shape;
  • Anti-cellulite massage with bamboo sticks and stones;
  • Relaxing program with bamboo sticks and body wrapping;
  • The toning up program with the Asian massage by spheres and body wrapping;
  • French drainage massage, stone therapy with cold and hot stones, Indian head massage, chiromassage, and anti-cellulite massage.

Salt cave suits 6 people. There in the cave saline solution is nebulized. Then sodium chloride anions penetrate into respiratory system settles in the airways and stimulates mucus clearance and improves indices of the respiratory system activities. The session lasts for 30 minutes. Music therapy positively affects emotional state and stimulates the immune system

Balneology department (spa-bathing with Dead see salts, hydro massage, pearl bath, , selenium bath, iodide-bromine bath, sulphureted hydrogen bath, conifer bath, bathing in a cedar barrel with velvet antlers extract ). After the treatment you would be taken to a resting room, where you can relax and enjoy with herbal tea with Altai honey.

On the ground floor there is a music therapy room, the massage parlour, the weight room equipped with professional facilities. Individual and group classes are given under professional supervision.