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Belokurikha resort

Belokurikha city is one of the biggest health resorts of federal significance that has an extremely effective health improvement system. Its ionized air is as good as in the best Swiss health resorts and the number of sunny days is equal to the Crimea and the Caucasus resorts. Having presented Belokurikha with the best land in the world, Nature has also generously granted it with healing springs that have great power to cure people of their illnesses giving them great health, joy and beauty.

Belokurikha sanatoriums  are fitted with the latest diagnostic and medical equipment. Qualified doctors and medical personnel specialize in the treatment of neuropathy, endocrine system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, locomotor system disorders, skin diseases, gynecological disorders, gastrointestinal an respiratory tract diseases. Undergoing medical rehabilitation in Belokurikha  guaranties your physical and mental condition and working ability would recover to the full extent. Nowadays all resorts worldwide have well-developed infrastructure. Belokurikha is not an exception. There is a downhill ski center that meets all the latest requirements of security and comfort for active leisure. A famous all around Siberia and even further chairlift operates all year around. It gives breath-taking view on the resort and the grandeur of the surrounding nature landscapes.

Owing to its natural and climatic characteristics Belokurikha resort attracts tourists every season. Winter time is ideal for ski and snowboard fans, autumn is for those who likes hiking around the country exploring the local landscapes as well as flora and fauna. In spring and summer time there comes the best season for those who crave for sun bathing. It has become a tradition for many Russians to celebrate New Year in Belokurikha as holidays in the resort are always bright vivid and unforgettable. In fact, it turned to be very fashionable and prestige to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Belokurikha. Besides these two holidays many people come to Belokurikha to commemorate other important for them events, such as Women’s day on the 8th of March and Men’s day on the 23th of February and birthdays. Celebrating Women’s day in Belokurikha is the brightest and the most colorful event that forges unforgettable memories for your sweet heart lady.

The resort illuminated by the sun

Belokurikha is situated in the Altai region. The city of federal subject significance is a balneotherapeutic health resort. This sunny land is located in the valley of the river Bolshaya Belokurikha on height 240-250 meters above sea level. Belokurikha can be reached by regular busses from Biysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo.

Every guest would find something special for himself and feel comfortable in Belokurikha all year around.

Mild climate and healthful air

The local climate is characterized by the astonishing clemency. The local climate is characterized by the astonishing clemency. The average summer temperature is about +20 degrees Celsius and in winter time it rarely goes below – 16 degrees Celsius. Belokurikha is called sunny county for a reason - the large quantity of clear and sunny days in the year counts 260 days. That is why Belokurikha leaves behind the best resorts in the Caucasus and the Crimea.

The healing air quality ranks Belokurikha together with popular Swiss resorts. It is no surprising as the local air is filled with aerons that bring healthy influence upon respiratory system. There are thermal springs with unique nitrogen–siliceous radon mineral waters on the resort territory. You can take delight in numerous treatments with mineral and fresh waters. Balneological treatment is carried out along with healing muds taken from salty lakes of the Altai region.

Belokurikha is a place for active leisure fans

Besides enjoying fresh air, medical and preventive care what else can one do in the resort? Initially the place has been marked as a balneological health center for cure and rehabilitation but after a while it made itself known as a place for downhill ski lovers. The resort can offer to visitors the freshest air and beautiful landscapes as well as great ski slopes and ski services. There are good conditions for both beginners and professionals as each of them would find a proper run on the snowy hillsides of Tzerkovka mount. Moreover, it is located within a walking distance from the sanatoriums. The good rest environment and the European comfort level that what Belokurikha resort is.

By now the ski resort has become quite popular among Siberians and it is beginning to attract tourist from other regions of Russia.

The best vacation environment

You would never be disappointed to come to Belokurikha in winter. First of all it should be noted that the local community contribute greatly to service in the resort. As a health center Belokurikha was known since the 20s years of the last century and it is worth of mentioning here you would be welcomed with hospitality that makes you stay as comfortable as possible. The active leisure period starts in December and lasts until March or April. The infrastructure is well developed and considered. It possesses every feature for the great vacation: gear rentals, hotels, swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, horseback riding clubs and dance clubs. Belokurikha constantly raises up in the Russian ski resorts rankings and already claims to become the best Siberian resort.

The alpine skiing development in Europe can be characterized as galloping and universal. Even Japan has got under the influence of European fashion. The last XVIII Olympic Games in Nogano discovered 4 millions of ski fans while in the US only two million more. There are ski resorts even in Africa and Latin America! Russia is still unidentified in the rankings of world winter leisure centers as our resorts undergoing the development stage. Nevertheless it is already obvious that Belokurikha has already established itself as one of the leaders in downhill ski development in Russia.